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Rental Scams BEWARE!!!

There are Craiglist Crooks posing as Landlords so they can steal money from naive tenants that are just looking for a place to call home!!.. Just sad 🙁

Below is a step by step guide to assist anyone looking to confirm ownership of a property:

Look up property-

(Select State/Then County)


Don’t know the County –

(Once you enter the address and city – zip code not required it will provide you the county)


If the property is listed for sale (find agent representing a seller)

Additional Tips

  • Google the number and email address you were provided by the landlord or landlord representative. Is there another number listed for the landlord? If so, call it!
  • Noted the date the property was purchased ( this is listed in the tax records). Ask the landlord in a casual conversation when did they acquire the home. Most owners have a high sense of ownership pride and will respond to this question right away. If they pause or stumble be cautious.
  • Be willing to pay a professional (Licensed Broker or Real Estate Agent) to assist you. Once you found the home, let the landlord know you have representation. Make sure to let the landlord know you are compensating the agent. Most landlords are willing to work with agents if it doesn’t cost them anything.


Happy Searching!


P.S. Still need help?  Click Here to pay for Property Research Services 🙂

This is a duplicate post but gear summary is geared for a tenant that need to confirm ownership of a property prior to paying any money.

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